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The King of the Kickboxers

November 27, 2010

You see, they're both growling. That means its intense.

This film, my friends, is Billy Blanks in all of his way the fuck over the top glory, trademarked finishing move and all. Blanks, as the ruthless Khan, really outdoes himself. He uses his awkward and creepy face stage presence and timing to his advantage as the overachieving villain. In this one flick he manages to kill the protagonist’s brother, murder his master, and kidnap his girl. Yeah… the Trifecta. Word is, that the Super Street Fighter II character “Deejay” was inspired by Khan. All obscure video game references aside though, they don’t make fight scenes like this anymore… And shout out to the choreographers 1. For constructing, in 1991, fight scenes that are IMHO comparable to “Ong-Bak” and 2. For picking up on the fact that a man getting kicked in the face looks a lot cooler if he simultaneously spits out a mouthful of water(see 1:58, 3:48, and 4:48). If you happen to come across The King of the Kickboxers don’t pass it up. Its chock full of B-movie classic-ness…spiked mullet wearing drug dealers, maverick cop fuckery, “drunken master” kung fu, snuff films, aerial triple kicks, bamboo impalings. If you have the free time and the opportunity this is definitely one to burn one down to.

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