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Kick Heard Round the World

December 20, 2010

So I may have seen the dopest thing I have ever seen in MMA… Ever. Thinking about it later, I had an epiphany. I was thinking sports in general and why we watch them in the first place. Now I’m one those guys who, with every competitive sport/game subconsciously finds a way to relate it to life. Every guy does this on one level or another(… search your feelings, you know this to be true.) Case in point, the long awaited Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis fight. I had marked December 16 on my mental calender months ago just to see this fight and it did not disappoint. Pretty solid back and forth action through 4 rounds. A lot of almost submissions on both accounts. A lot of seemingly impossible escapes. 5th round starts… Pettis is getting the upper hand in standup/striking with combos. With just over a minute left in the fight, a title fight no less, Pettis gets the stones to pull off this shit…

Yeah…. Damn. And now YOU have seen the most awesome thing ever in MMA. You’re welcome. The only thing that sucks about seeing something so amazing is the fact that I was rooting for Ben Henderson… Yeah the guy who ate the canvas directly after eating a kick straight out of a Jet Li flick. I had seen about 4 Ben Henderson fights before this one and considered myself a fan after the first one. I like his style. I’ve seen him pull of impossible escapes. On a sid note he’s represented by Roc Nation and faithfully throws the diamond up before every fight. And after Urijah Faber and Jose Aldo, I consider him the best fighter in WEC. In other words he was my dude. Now here’s how it relates to life. Nowadays the word “hater” gets thrown around a lot. Everyone has haters. Hate hate hate hate. Everyone is talking about their haters… EVERYONE. Which begs to question… if everyone has haters and hates haters…then who the fuck is out there hating. Who are the haters?? This seems to be a question that no one ever asks but this fight made me realize one scenario where the hater is evident. That fucking kick off of the cage was AMAZING… simply amazing to see in real time in a championship MMA fight. Each fight that night was gonna be the last one before the WEC/UFC merger so yeah… huge fight. Now, before the fight when Pettis was walking in he had a lot of attitude. He seemed like a young inexperienced aggressive dude, the likes of which I have seen get DESTROYED over and over in MMA fights. Little did I know that he has a been a rising star and I had just never heard of him. Honestly, after the kick, I was amazed and appalled at the same time. As awestruck as I was, there was a bad taste in my mouth… I would liken it to a Pistons/Lakers/Cavs fan when Jordan was ripping shit up in the 80’s. There are a lot of Michael Jordan fans who are fans because Mike wreaked havoc on their teams repeatedly. You hated him. But still he dispatched of your squad so handedly that you had to be like… “Fuck… he’s simply unstoppable.” And if you don’t, if you can’t swallow your pride and appreciate someone that, if even for one performance, personifies the very reason that you watch your favorite sport… then you are a hater. No questions. No exceptions. Somewhere I realized that in the Henderson/Pettis fight. And I had to give it to him. I’ll definitely be checking for Anthony Pettis fights in the future.

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