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Masked shadow warriors, all black everything… armed with stealth, speed, a razor sharp killer instinct, and a cache of weapons and tools that would make Batman sh*t his spandex. Skilled artisans of the um…. arts… of deception and misdirection. Under the cover of darkness we were an unstoppable force, swift and smooth, but deadly like a pearl handled pistol. We trained relentlessly honing our minds and bodies in the fires of our will. Our technique was flawless, our style was impetuous, our defense impregnable. With clarity of purpose, focused determination, and utter ruthlessness we stalked the countryside striking fear into the hearts of peasants, emporers, and little sisters alike. We swore loyalty only to our respective clans and we bowed to no one. Ok, so maybe we HAD to do homework… and clean our rooms when we were told… and maybe even mow the lawn every now and again…. none of that mattered. For you see my friend, these indignities forced upon us during the day hours were of little concern to us… for there remained one unspoken truth. A truth that defined us, and allowed us to smirk in the face of adversity, authority, and even fate itself: WE OWNED THE NIGHT!!

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